Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Megan Fox Megan Fox Honoured As One Of Gq Magazines Men Of The Year

Megan Fox

It all happened on November 18, when Foxs name was included in the list that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Eckhart and Jason Statham names.. In a shocking incident, Megan Fox actress was honored as one of the magazines GQ Men of the Year, making her the only woman to receive the honor.


Biography Marilyn Monroe And Arthur Millers Marital Life Unravelled In New Biography

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroes late American actress married life late Arthur Miller was unravelled in a new biography of the American playwright and essayist Christopher Bigsby. The romantic comedy Sabrina, who left the following year, is distinguished mainly by Audrey Hepburn delicate beauty, and The Seven Year Itch (1955) is remembered for the iconic moment when the updraft from a subway grate whooshes Marilyn Monroe dress to the sky. Miller and Monroe started meeting each other regularly throughout the summer and autumn of 1955, and the evening of 29 June 1956, were married in a civil ceremony, the Telegraph pointed out the biography, as.


From Desperate To Disastrous Teri Hatcher Commits A Fashion Faux Pas In An Unstitched Frock

Teri Hatcher

The silk top layer of her dress tried to come unstitched in life, with more than half of gonna slide down around her thigh. At first glance, Teri Hatcher seems to have been hit by a wardrobe malfunction as feared as she arrived for an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman in New York last night. But as she sashayed along in front of the crowd happily showing off the packaging from all points of view, it was clear the bizarre aspect was actually intentional.


Brad Pitt Happy Birthday Pax

Brad Pitt

United States of America today has a great new article on Brad Pitt and David Fincher, the director of their older inversion next film The curious case of Benjamin Button. For most of the film, he abandons his body entirely, giving a face and voice digital are imposed on other players including a dwarf, a man disabled and children of all ages. Here are two of the most interesting points of that piece: To play as a button elderly, [Brad] was to be caked in makeup and wearing prosthetic noses and scalps.


David Beckham Katy Perry And Celeb Friends Do Adidas Tv Ad

David Beckham

Sportsman David Beckham and singer Katy Perry are among the many stars featured in new TV ad promotion for Adidas. In addition to their two, 1980-style hip-hop house party-themed ad also features the likes of Estelle, Missy Elliott, hip-hop Mogul Russell Simmon, the band Ting Settings, and rappers Method Man, Redman and Darryl McDaniel aka Run DMC ..

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